Recently a seller DM me and asked an interesting question. His Facebook business page, which had more than 100k followers, was banned for some reason. Also, he couldn’t restore the page. Now, he lost his largest sales channel. What could he do next?

Since this can happen to any of us, I thought it is better to bring it up as a discussion. So, let’s see how to build a business without social media.

  • Consider your social media channels as the shops that are on lease. You don’t own them.
  • You should only use social media channels for lead generation, and it should not be your primary sales channel.
  • You need a place that you own to keep your customers.
  • Try to build conversations outside social media.
  • Building email lists are the safest way to keep in touch with your customers outside social media.

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The purpose of having social media channels for your business

Undoubtedly social media is the best way to create product awareness and generate leads for your business. However, should it be your primary sales channel?

I know there are many small business owners, who are directly selling their products on social media. They don’t much care about building lists and maintaining the conversation with their customers. This is not a safe way to build a sustainable business. What if you lose your social media channels? Then, you will have to start from scratch.

If you look at the social media channels of big brands, they all use social media for below purposes.

  • Lead generation
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer service
  • Maintaining social conversations

They are not using social media for direct sales. And I believe that we should do the same. We should use social media just to build the online presence of our businesses.

Email marketing is the best way to build your business without social media

Try to include everyone who came to know about your business into your list. This is why you need a strong email marketing strategy. People often think email lists and email marketing is outdated. As we have discussed in the above-linked article about email marketing, still it is considered as the most effective digital marketing strategy.

So, follow a good email marketing strategy and move your social media leads, new customers, and existing customers, all into your email lists.

You can always download an keep these lists safe, and wherever you do your business, you can reach your customers through email marketing.

Try to build personal connections with your customers

Building personal connections and conversations with your customers makes it easy for you to make a sale. Personalization is an essential digital marketing trend for the future. This process makes your business memorable for your customers (or leads). So, even without a social media presence, still, they will reach your business.

If your business has a physical presence, it is easier for you to make deeper personal connections. The body language and physical conversations always work better than digital relationships. So, if your business has a physical presence, try to leverage this advantage too.

Even if you are only playing online, you can still build the conversations with your customers by calling or writing personalized emails, asking is everything all right with their purchase. In the beginning, you will feel like doing this is an extra effort. However, later, you will realize that your business can benefit a lot from such personal conversations.

Building personal conversations is not something that large, heartless corporations can offer. So, as small businesses, leverage the power of personal conversations. So, you don’t have to rely only on social media followers for your business.

Writing a blog is another excellent way to build your business without social media

Blog writing is a cumbersome process. It takes time, and sometimes it gets boring. However, writing a blog as your content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to generate leads and build your thought leadership in the industry.

Building blog content helps the SEO of your site too. In my opinion, SEO is the most sustainable digital marketing strategy ever. The modern purchasing journeys of the customers usually start from research.

For example, if someone wants to buy a noise-canceling headphone, they will start from a google search for “How to select a noise-canceling headphone.” So, by creating a blog post to address that issue, you can collect such potential customers into your sales funnels in the earliest stages of their purchasing journey.

Isn’t that a great way to build a business without social media?

It is possible to build a business without social media

Social media is vital for a business, but is not paramount! So, there are many sustainable ways to build a business without social media. In this blog post, we have discussed three such methods to build a business without social media. So, you don’t have to rely all on social media as a sales channel.

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