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How to Overcome Failure?

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How to overcome the failures, which are inevitable in your life? Everyone has to face failures, and it is a part of the game. Let us see how to overcome failure and move forward.

Learn to categorize failures into two types, BIG and small.

There is only one big failure. That is your own death. There is no comeback.

Everything else is small, micro or Nano failures. There is always a comeback from anything that didn’t kill you.

What is your failure?

Don’t you make enough money to live?

Do you have some disability that keeps you from working?

Are you stuck in the wrong job?

You may or may not win every battle.

Every day we have to fight our own battles. You may win some battles, and you may lose some another. That is natural. But, if you want to be a winner, you need to set your targets for the overall victory of the war.

If you get scared of the failures of small battles and try to avoid all the battles, you will not be able to win the war.

A lot of people fall into this category. They are so scared of the challenges and failures, so they try to protect themselves from these failures. So, they cannot move forward in their lives.

Here is what Elon Musk has to say about startups.

What you have to understand is, every successful people face failures. Every. Single. Day.

And, they overcame these failures and became who they are right now.

Now, let us get back to you.

What is your failure?

Don’t you make enough money to live?

Do you have some disability that keeps you from working?

Are you stuck in the wrong job?

Well, that is your current state. Now we have to get over it and find a way to plan the next state.

Once you failed, do not try to put your head in the ground and never come back out! That will cloud your ability to make sensible decisions. Stay conscious and evaluate what has gotten you. And make a plan to overcome.

Chess-player approach to overcome failures

When I face a failure, I think of myself as a great chess-player.

I imagine that I am playing a great chess-game, and the other player (life) got one of my pieces. Then I sit back and plan my next move.

This imagination makes me a great strategist during the hardest times of my life.

If life smelts any fear, it will start thrashing you. So, don’t show your fear.

I recently found a hero in life.

The hero dad

I know so many parents who have given up everything for their kids with down-syndrome. Their kids needed to continue attention, and most of the parents I know have retired early and lived a hard life.

But, then I came across this video about a father and a son, who has started a sock business together and made millions of dollars within three years.

This father and son team turned their dream into a multimillion-dollar business

"Why socks? Because it's fun." 📖 Read more: https://wef.ch/2OgWPSN

Posted by Video – World Economic Forum on Friday, February 22, 2019

That was a real inspiration for me, seeing how well they have overcome a difficult situation in their life.

Hats off for them 🙂

Evaluate what went wrong

If something is not working for you, you have to understand that you have been doing something wrong. Your current process is wrong. You need to change it to a working model.

If your process is not working, it is your fault. Don’t waste time blaming others. It is your life, and you need to be responsible for that.

Refocus, adjust your course, seek for inspirations, and all need is one good strategy to build everything you lost.

If you are not making enough money,

  • The first step, do not be blind and fall into scams.
  • Step two, keep your egos aside and learn something that can make money.

I know people with university degrees who live miserable lives because their craft or the field is not rewarding.

Keep your egos aside, and start learning a craft which can generate money. Plan to learn and start a pet care shop. Think of starting a car wash. Think out of the box.

If a disability keeps you from working,

What are you missing again?

If you stuck in a wrong job,

Get over, keep applying for new jobs. If you can’t get through an interview, see what you are missing in your portfolio. Try to get a new educational qualification or do a new project related to your field. Make your CV more interesting.

Playing with feelings during failures

I know failures would make you awful. Losing a valuable sales contract can make a bad impact on your business. Losing a job can make your life collapse. Yes, I get it.

Once you failed, you have no choice. It happened. But, if we keep crying and keep drowning ourselves, when are you going to make everything right.

Think of the chess player approach, which I have described above.

Curse your life as much as you want for just 15 minutes. If you are a religious person, pray for another 5 minutes. That is all you got. Next, start planning your next move.

No one else can do a miracle and put you in the right track. You have to go find the right track for you.

Start fighting fires until you get on the next track of your life. It can be even better than your current track. It can be worse. Start over.

Life is not fair

Yes, life is not fair. You cannot do anything about it. But, if you are strong enough, you don’t have to give s*** about stupid life.

Learn to love failures. Failures make you stronger. Toughest seas make the best sailors.

I love you, hustlers!

I love and respect the real hustlers in their lives. Those people are beautiful. I do respect everyone who is fighting battles to win the war of their life.

I am not a religious person. But, if there is any sort of god, I honestly wish he or she will help those who are fighting fires to overcome failures.

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