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How to Advertise Your Business Online For Free

There are so many marketing platforms that don’t cost a penny. Find out how to advertise your business online for free.


Advertising plays a significant role in business development. And, today the advertising is mandatory regardless of the size of your business. Otherwise, you will not be able to survive in this cut-throat marketing competitions.

Even the world’s most successful and profitable brands like Apple, Tesla, etc, still invest a massive amount of money for advertising in the battles of product marketing.

But, when it comes to small businesses, of course, we cannot afford a huge advertising budget. So, what if you want to advertise, but still love your money in your savings account? How can you choose in-between? Well, don’t choose… have both!!! 🙂

How can you advertise your business online for free?

How to advertise your business online for free

  • Leverage the power of social media
  • Write a blog
  • Join an online community and contribute
  • Guerilla marketing
  • SEO your website

Welcome to the internet, where you can advertise your business online for free

Before the age of the internet, there were only a few methods to advertise businesses, well not free, but cheaply. The only affordable advertising methods were distributing flyers, and have a small paper advertisement.

But, now with the internet, there are so many opportunities out there to advertise your business online. And, the best part is, most of these methods are free to use.


Advertise your business online on social media

This is a no-brainer; you must bring your marketing campaign to social media. There are 2.5 million social media users who wake up to social media. So, a business without a social media marketing strategy is literally leaving the money on the table.

Almost all social media platforms are free to use. Just create an account and start posting.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, just create a Facebook page. Keep posting your product or service photos every day.

Well, honestly the Facebook organic reach for business posts are near zero. But still, you can experience an exponential growth in your reach after some time. So, at the beginning use your personal account to get some traction for your posts. Once you get a good number of followers, you will see the magic in-front your eyes.

Tip – Post on Facebook at the correct time, when your target market is in online. Don’t upload things when they are having a good night sleep with nightmares 😐

Write a blog to promote your business online for free

A blog is not some outdated grandpa stuff. If you have a website, you must have a blog on it. Otherwise, I don’t even know how you can work on your SEO.

Apart from helping your SEO, blogs can help you to promote your business for free.

People don’t just buy stuff. Their customer journeys start well before they make their purchasing decision. And, most of the time, the competition for keywords related to the beginning of customer’s purchasing journeys are cheaper.

Advertising for long-tail keywords are cheaper and much easier

For example, let us assume that you sell headphones. The keywords related to the headphones are incredibly competitive. Also, they can be costly.

But, as I told, people don’t just come and search for headphones. Someone will start their purchasing journey by searching for “how to select the best noise-canceling headphones.”

So, you have a long tail keyword that your potential customers are searching for. And, damn, it will be easy to rank for long-tail keywords. So, it is easy and cheaper to be popular in that domain.

That is where your blog can come in handy. Just write down blog posts that help to attract your potential customers to your sales funnel. It is like an investment. Pay less at the beginning, and make it grow.

Join an online community and contribute

Online communities are gold mines for marketers. Online communities are singularities with people who share a common interest. Guess what would be your ROI, if you can advertise your business in an online community consists of your target audience.

That is exactly what you can achieve by advertising your business in online communities.

But, the problem is most of the legitimate and quality online communities won’t let you just post your business links. 🙂

You can overcome this problem by this neat little trick. Become a contributor!

So, how exactly you can promote your business for free by becoming a contributor.


First, find a good online community for your products or services. It can be a blog, forum, a subreddit, or you name it. In these places, you will see that many people have asked questions.

So, become a good guy, and help them by sharing your knowledge.

If we go back to our previous example, you can answer a question about “how to find the best noise-canceling headphones.”

Hope I don’t need to explain this anymore 🙂

If you need more details, check out full guide How to get website visitors for free.


Use guerilla marketing to advertise your business online

Be a guerilla! Advertise your business with promotions using the things that people love or curious about.

This can make your content to go viral!

This promotion does not have to be related to your business or what you are selling. Just be creative and make turn people’s heads and expose your brand/ business to these turned heads.

Here are two great case studies of how to use guerilla marketing for advertising businesses

Well, these two marketing campaigns are a bit costly. But, I hope you can easily get the concept behind this theory.

Case study 1 – Honest tea social experiment turns into free advertising

Honest Tea Company conducted a social experiment in 2011 by placing unmanned ice tea bottles at kiosks in several cities with signboard to encourage people to get a bottle and leave a dollar. They recorded the videos and created an honesty index and ranked cities with the results. This was a genius idea, and they got massive attention to their business with this advertising campaign.

Case study 2 – Payless tricked fashion influencers into paying $600 for $20 footwear

Payless is a discount shoe retailer. They have created a luxury shoe store and branded that as “Palessi.” They filled this new store with their own discount shoes and added additional zeros to the end of their price tags. Then, they have invited some fashion influencers to have an exclusive session. Guess what happened? The videos went viral, so as their brand.

Read the full article of Payless’s advertising campaign – What you can learn about advertising from payless

So, you can advertise free with guerrilla marketing?

You can do a similar experiment and make a video (without disturbing other’s privacy) and publish it in your blog, Facebook or Instagram. Even a person who is not interested in your product will be looking into your video and share that.

Be creative and make something that can go viral.

SEO your website – the ultimate free advertising method ever

Google is the world’s largest product catalog.

What if you get a chance to advertise your business on the front page of this amazing product catalog?

That is what I call as for, how to advertise your business online for free!

SEO is not an overnight thing. It takes time. Draft a proper SEO strategy for your website. And, make your site rank up on the google.

SEO cannot describe under a subtopic. It is a vast process.

Here is the Google SEO starter guide.

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Advertise your business online

The Internet has opened up thousands of opportunities to advertise your business online. Only thing is that you need to know where to find them.

Try one or more of the methods described in this article to boost your marketing strategies. You don’t have to break your bank to advertise your business online. Try these simple methods and grow your business.


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